Shopping FAQs

Due to the fact that 90 percent of our sales is through distributors, we do not accept major credit cards. Personal checks are accepted with appropriate identification.

There is a chance that after a few weeks or months pass after installation of paving stones, a white hase may appear on the surface of the pavers. This is known as efflorescence. There’s no reason to be concerned that your pavers are damaged or defective. The concrete pavers are experiencing a natural process that all cement-based products may experience. Hessit Works Inc. put chemical additives in the concrete to reduce the likelihood of efflorescence.
If efflorescence does occur it will usually correct itself with time and exposure to the elements. If you choose not to wait for the natural process to remove the efflorescence, the product Paver Cleaner may be used to chemically remove the efflorescence.
If you desire to return an order,the following policy will apply. We accept only full pallet quantities that have not had the Zinc banding cut. There will be a 25% restocking fee and Hessit Works Inc. is not responsible for the freight to pick up the product. It is recommended that you obtain color samples, if in doubt of your choice prior to ordering. Please compute square foot requirements carefully to avoid over/under ordering of products.
Hessit Works Inc. stocks the most popular colors of our various shapes. If we are temporarily out of stock, most items will be manufactured within 3 weeks of the date of your order.
Indiana State tax is applied to your order, unless you supply Hessit Works Inc. with a completed tax-exempt certificate. (Form ST-105)

Application and Installation FAQs

Concrete paving stones are commonly used for driveways, walks and patios.

Hessit Works Inc. carries a lifetime warranty on the structural integrity of its pavers for residential use to the original purchaser only. Proof of purchase will be required and defective product must be available for inspection by an authorized representative of Hessit Works Inc. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper installation, maintenance and from de-icing products not recommended by the manufacture. Replacement labor and transportation costs are not included. Color matching is not guaranteed.
Paving stones are made out of concrete so any product such as ice melt that will harm concrete will also pit pavers. Look for products made of potassium chloride and ask your retailer if the products are safe to use on concrete.
Shipping charges vary according to product type and destination.