Manufacturer of
Concrete Paving Stones

Why Choose Hessit Products?

Hessit Works, Inc. has a reputation for manufacturing some of the best concrete pavers in the industry. American owned and operated Hessit products are an affordable way to enhance and beautify your outdoor environment. Large enough to supply your needs, small enough to care!


The Bavarian Tumbled paver has a smooth surface and no joint spacers to eliminate the concerns of which side to place face up.

Dutch Cobble

The Dutch Cobblestone is a non-tumbled paver with an embossed top surface and joint spacers for easy installation.

La Coruna

Introducing La Coruna, a unique textured surface that closely resembles that of natural Flagstone. The La Coruna is available in three sizes and three color schemes – Granite, Driftwood and Lakeshore.


The Lancaster Tumbled stone can be used for a variety of projects, including walls (non-load bearing and curved), columns and fire pits.


Our Tumbled Mission paver and can be installed in four dif­ferent layouts or used for a border. We also offer a corresponding circle pallet of circle stones containing the 5 sizes need­ed to create an 11’1″ diameter circle.

Superior Quality

Privately Owned and operated, Hessit Works, inc. takes a “hands-on” approach throughout the production process to ensure a quality product. Our concrete pavers Meet and often exceeds ASTM C-140 and ASTM C-936 specifications.

Indiana Paving Stone Supply - Consistent Color rounded

Consistent Color from Batch to Batch

Our color blending is obtained by multiple steps taken throughout the manufacturing process. Each color blend is computerized to obtain color consistency from batch to batch. Hessit Works, Inc. offers 2,3, and 4 color blends to provide you with a large selection of color choices for your project.

Stocking Colors by Style

Color shading may vary due to variance in raw materials used during production.

Find a Distributor

Although located more than an hour from a major population center (Indianapolis, IN) Hessit Works Inc. enjoys distribution from Ohio to Missouri. Check the map below to find a distributor nearest you.