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Color Guide: The appearance of our colors will vary with printers and monitors. Contact us for printed color guides or samples!

Hessit Works Inc. color blends have been recognized as the best available. Because of our unique manufacturing process, each cube of Hessit Pavers shows all colors in a blend of the proper proportions. With our computerized blending system there is never the "blotched" or "striped effect seen in some manufacturing processes. Since Hessit Pavers are pre-blended, the expense of hand blending or laying from several cubes is eliminated even a single cube will show the whole range, evenly distributed.

Concrete Paving Stones Color1

Concrete Paving Stones color2

Concrete Paving Stones color3

Concrete Paving Stone color4

Concrete Paving Stones color5

Lancaster Tumbled Colors

Cambria and Roman Stone Colors

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